CoolSculpting is a device that was developed by a number of very smart people out of Harvard. It was an observation, one year, that certain children from the Hamptons in New York were developing dimples in their cheeks. Well, it was a really hot summer and these kids were hanging out with popsicles in their mouth the entire time. Somebody finally figured out that there is that continuous low temperature that actually caused some of the fat to go away.

We know that fat will crystallize at a temperature above the freezing point of water. In other words, you're not gonna freeze yourself but you might just freeze that fat. If the fat freezes inside the cells, the cells break. If the cells break, the cells die.

What we're essentially doing is we're using temperature to break the fat cells, so that we reduce the volume of those cells. The body cleans up the mess, takes care of all that tissue and smooths itself out. That's the principle of CoolSculpting is by applying a low enough temperature for a long enough period of time in the right areas. We can actually reduce body contour and really make the [inaudible] change.

The key thing is this, that there's a device. It's put on to the skin. A suction is applied. That tissue, that soft tissue is actually sucked right into that area. Imagine that you put your hand on the end of a vacuum cleaner hose. You can give yourself a hellacious hickey that way. What we're doing is we're sucking all that tissue into that space. Inside the space are basically... It's a chilling unit. It is a heat exchanger. The heat is removed from that area which induces a cold right inside. Within that space that we've brought up, the temperature drops. It can be done in such a way that it is predictable and that we know what to expect and it goes away.

Once we remove that after a period of time, we smooth everything out. Initially when you take it off, it almost looks like a stick of butter. It's just sitting there like a little blob. The stuff that's in there is a damaged fat cell. The skin is not damaged. The area underneath the skin is not damaged. The [inaudible] stuffed well inside so it's a smoother result. That stuff goes away over a period of time. Eight to twelve weeks later, you have the finished product.

CoolSculpting Freezes Fat, Eliminating it Permanently

Dr. Peter Geldner describes CoolSculpting; how does it work, what is the process like, and what kind of results can I expect?