Computer imaging is a crucial part of the dialogue. Initially during the first consultation, I'll take a patient's picture with a digital camera and using advanced software, I will show them what the nose should look like, the nose that will fit their face best. I'll make several versions so they can see how a few millimeters of movement to the left or to the right can significantly change the look of the nose. We want to make sure a nose fits each patient's face. It has to fit the eyes, the cheeks, the lips, the chin, and everything else. We don't want to get a nose that looks the same on everybody. Essentially you don't want to have a patient surprised when the cast comes off at a week. The result that they see on the computer is essentially what they're going to get.

Computer Imaging Previews Nose Job Results

Dr. Shervin Naderi explains why computer imaging is always a big part of the initial nose job consultation.