We are thrilled with the PicoSure laser. We have had it for quite a while now, and we did a number of the clinical studies before it was FDA-approved. It's a remarkable machine. We can now do things to tattoos that we otherwise could not. Beforehand, we had a number of lasers that we would also choose between, to address certain color tattoos, or certain treatment-resistant tattoos. We would even combine pigment-specific lasers with resurfacing lasers. But now, with the PicoSure, it becomes one of our favorite lasers when we're addressing certain pigmentations, like blue and green. It can have a remarkable impact on the rate of clearance of that tattoo.
I also find it very helpful, if somebody has a tattoo that was treated multiple times by other strategies. You bring the PicoSure along, and it can work very effectively. So, it's a first line treatment for many patients, it's a second line for others. It just works beautifully to treat certain types of tattoos.

Tattoo Removal WIth PicoSure

Dr. Robert Anolik explains how a PicoSure treatment works and why this machine has opened new doors in the area of tattoo removal.