When people come in bothered by pigmentation on the skin, I try to differentiate for them a classic sunspot, which is a well-defined brown spot that, you could open up a picture book or you could open up a dermatology text, and you can see what this little spot looks like.
People can also come with browning to the skin, and this browning is different. It's stimulated by sun, but it's not very well-defined. And when we try to address that, we use different categories of lasers. And I really try to have my patients understand the combination approach, and I treat them with a combination approach. And think you can get a far better result if you do.
A lot of my patients who are addressing a sunspot will also undergo a laser resurfacing procedure, because the two together will address both sorts of pigmentation there. So, we can eliminate a number of sunspots in a single session. But at the same time, eliminate the dullness or the browning to the skin, that comes diffusely from chronic sun exposure.

Skin Pigmentation Concerns Addressed By Combining Treatments

Dr. Robert Anolik explains the difference between an overall browning of the skin from sun over-exposure and age spots as well as why combining treatments may be the best approach.