I'm here with Tom, our patient, who underwent today a chest hair transplant. Tom has always had a lifetime of thin hair, very little hair on the chest, and desired to have a fuller chest, and did some homework and came across some other patients whose photos I had posted on the internet, showing the results. He decided to fly in and have the procedure.

If we go ahead and turn to him, you can basically see that we did a relatively conservative procedure, around 2400 grafts. I've done procedures as large as 4300 for more extensive coverage, but he wasn't looking for a full hairy chest, nor was he looking for an extension down into the belly. What we really were trying to do for him was to concentrate on filling in along his chest in the central sternum and along his pec area. You can see that I was able to do that by following the natural direction of his own hairs. Whereby these hairs grow more in a downward direction, these grow more downward and then inward. In the center area over the breastbone, or sternum, you've got hairs that crisscross with each other to give the appearance of the greatest amount of density.

Wrapping around the whole nipple area- probably if I use the word nipple, it will probably accelerate- it will increase the ability of people to find this video. Anyway, you can see the area that we filled in. His donor came from the back of his head, and that should be not even an issue for him. These hairs will fall out, a few months later they will start to grow, and I imagine that by within six to seven months, he should have not a hairy chest, but a fuller look, and it'll be nice because it will be sort of a natural transformation from having nothing and people will assume he probably was shaving his chest to having a thin, but a nice full coverage throughout the chest area. That's how you do the chest hair transplants.

Chest Hair Transplant Results: Patient Goes From "Nothing to Natural"

No, Tom wasn’t shaving his chest… even if his lack of hair made people think that he was. Dr. Jeffrey Epstein reveals the results of a hair transplant surgery, which provided a natural transformation to a fuller-looking chest.