Dr. Naveen Setty: All right, this is our patient today getting treatment of cellulaze to the cellulite on her thighs, both on her interior thighs, lateral thighs, and posterior thighs. You can see some of our markings have been made. The squares show the treatment areas. The green is areas of some bulging fat that we're going to remove and the red marks are some of the tight bands that we're going to try to divide. Can you turn on the overhead light for me?

With the lighting, you can see the dimpling and some of the mattress appearance or orange peel appearance of the cellulite. You can turn that off. And then go in and turn for me, good. Turn one more time, and one more time. And then turn on the light for me again, one more time. And again, that's just showing kind of the orange peel appearance.

So we're placing numbing medicine into the planned areas of treatment. So a mixture of Lidocaine and Epinephrine. We're placing a specific amount into each treatment square and then we'll let that medication sit for about 20 minutes or so, so the patient will be nice and numb before we start our procedure.

Okay, we're getting ready to treat the back of the thighs. We've already treated the front and the sides. So we have our grid mark down on what we're going to be treating. We're determining how much energy we're going to be putting into each square, so we're going to go ahead and get started here. If you want to turn off the lights there.

I'm going to start treating the deep fast first. So, we're going to start treating the deep areas first. We're going to have the laser pointing down as we do this top portion. Ready? So the popping you are hearing is the fat cells being destructed. I'm just going to pin point our temperature alarm. That was a degree or two hot and we are okay so far. Now we've hit [inaudible 00:02:41] temperature and we have to stop for a second. And we can go ahead and finish off here. Okay, give me the--

Female Voice: Three hundred.

Dr. Naveen Setty: Okay, so now we're going to start treating the bands and we've now turned the fiber from the laser from here to here. I'm going to start in one.

Female Voice: Okay.

Dr. Naveen Setty: As you can see our patient is very comfortable. She's on her phone.

Female Voice: One hundred.

Dr. Naveen Setty: Good one that's here.

Female Voice: I'm multitasking.

Female Voice: One hundred.

Dr. Naveen Setty: All right, the four.

Female Voice: One hundred.

Dr. Naveen Setty: Okay and I'm doing 200 over here. Right?

Female Voice: Two hundred.

Dr. Naveen Setty: Okay. Now the last step is we're going to treat the skin. We're going to turn the fiber from sideways to up like this. This is where I put the majority of our energy and in the tightening of the skin. Let's start with one.

Female Voice: Take it away.

Dr. Naveen Setty: Typically the back of the thigh there's not a lot of dimpling, it's more of the orange peel appearance. So, a lot of the energy goes to tightening the skin.

Female Voice: Three hundred.

Dr. Naveen Setty: And all finished.

Cellulaze for your Thighs

Dr. Naveen Setty demonstrates the Cellulaze procedure on one of his patients who is troubled by cellulite on her thighs.