I deal with many people involved with television and film. The HD camera has been a very good thing for my business because as you know, you can see almost any imperfection. In fact, I think it makes such imperfections more notable which brings people in for this most subtle changes. That's the upside from my standpoint.

The downside of course is that any changes you impart from the patient may be that much more noticeable on camera and we're trying to get away with it all the time with these people. It's a very challenging thing, but if you look at it in a positive light, it's just a better visual apparatus and it requires that we are higher at our game to deliver better results so they reflect better on the screen.

Celebrity Plastic Surgery: The HD Camera Has Created a Boom For Business

As a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Andrew Frankel provides some insight into the world of celebrity touch-ups and why the HD camera has created a real boom for his business.