Dr. Glasgold: You can see her incision.

Woman: Right.

Dr. Glasgold: It healed fine. She doesn't look pulled.

Woman: I can't see her incision.

Dr. Glasgold: A very important issue for patients is the incision for a face lift. This is a patient before and after face lift. The point of showing this gentleman is that he did in fact have a face lift. There's no place to hide the incisions and you can see, or you can't see, his incision is right along in here. It's very well healed. There's no change in his hair line and without any sort of camouflage from his hair it's healed very well. Something else that's very important, I show a smile view here so you can see that his crow's feet are aligned the way they're supposed to be. One of the subtle things is that when you look at a patient who's had a mini-lift, is that their crow's feet will sort of have these swoops that show that the skin has been pulled instead of repositioned. So a well healed face lift incision is not noticeable. This goes behind the ear like that and up into his hair line like that, and that's the goal of a face lift incision.

Can Your Spot the Scar From This Man's Facelift?

Dr. Mark Glasgold describes the incisions used for facelifts, using an older gentleman as an example of a well done procedure after which the scars are virtually invisible, even without any hair to hide them.