I've got two types of patients, and it’s about 50/50. I've got the ladies skinny legs who feel that they are not sexy enough, the inner calf is not showing enough and they feel self-conscious when they wear high heels or skirts. Those will constitute over 50% of my practice for calf augmentation. The other half are the guys. The guys who often come, are muscular, they’re fit, but that particular part of the body fails to grow with exercises. I think we've all seen this part of our body that does not respond as much to weight lifting.

I do get those athletic guys, swimmer style, where we'll put a nice naturally shaped implant commonly one on the inner side of each calf. Once in a while we get those bigger guys, bodybuilder style, where we'll have to put two implants per calf to really imitate the real calf muscle which has two heads.

The implants are put behind the [inaudible 00:01:10] so it’s a deeper positioning of the implants. The body will form like a breast implant. The body will form a layer of collagen called the capsule around the implant usually within six to eight weeks. Once that capsule has formed, usually the implant is hard to feel.

Surprising Fact: Men and Women Are Equally Getting THIS Type of Implant

Dr. Marc DuPere explains how popular calf implants have become for both men and women, as well as how he determines the size and shape to use on each individual.