I'd like to talk about buttock augmentation. There's a couple different ways to do buttock augmentation that are reliable and safe. One is using your own fat. It's become known as the Brazilian Butt Lift and one is using buttock implants which is semi-solid, silicon rubber implants. The Brazilian Butt Lift has gotten a lot of marketing time on TV and therefore a lot of popularity. However, what they don't tell you is that most of that fat you put in there, 60, 70, maybe 80% melts away within the first year.

I have at least one patient a week that comes to me who had the procedure done by a reputable surgeon and a good job, but the fat just doesn't survive. And why do they come see me? Because I'm one of the very few maybe half a dozen surgeons in the country that do a lot of buttock implants.

So the idea with a buttock augmentation is to create a very narrow waistline and a full, even popping buttock fullness is what most patients come in and desire. Using the buttock implant I can guarantee a reliable, predictable, long-term, even permanent result because these implants unlike breast implants aren't silicon gel. Once they're in there it's a permanent implant, it's for the lifetime of the patient.

We put the implant in through a little incision at the top of the buttock crease here. Through one incision both implants go in, the right side and the left side. The implant typically for a woman is an oval implant and I'll show you an example. Is an oval implant works best for a woman. In men, their buttocks are usually more square or round, so we use a round implant.

The implants should always be placed under the gluteus maximus muscle or within it. If not, the implant will slide down over time to the bottom part of the buttock and the patient will be able to cup it, and rotate it, and move it all around, and kind of gives it what you say a dirty diaper effect. If you put the implant under the muscle, the muscle grabs onto the implant and holds it there forever.

A very important aspect of buttock augmentation involves creating the whole silhouette of this area from the waistline down to the thigh. So a lot of patients come in wanting buttock implants and we talk about that, we do that, but a lot of times we end up doing some liposuction. Of course Keisha doesn't need it, but in the love handle area here by bringing in the waistline more, that alone gives it the relative effect that the buttock itself is larger and more full. So I would say about 80% of patients that come in for buttock implants will also do some sculpting with liposuction in this area and sometimes on the outer thigh hip area as well.

Buttock Implants For a Higher, Rounder Butt

Dr. Ryan Stanton explains the benefits of a butt augmentation with implants as opposed to a Brazilian butt lift.