I think men should really take a serious look at some of these things.

Botox can be a really effective treatment for men. It's usually for the wrinkles up here. I think men are afraid of having it look overdone. Some people are just afraid of injections and they think it's going to be painful. What you need to know is that it really takes a minute to do. It shouldn't hurt and the effects can look very natural when it's done properly.

We see guys that were dragged in by their wife and they're kind of saying, "Oh, gee, what am I doing here? I don't want to lose my manly looks." But, if it's done right, then they come back. I think it's something that men really should consider.

It can also change your perception of feeling stressed. There are some interesting studies about that. It actually can improve mood because it interrupts the feedback loop of expressing the feeling of stress.

Brotox - A Man's Guide to Botox

Doctor Richard Baxter highlights what a man needs to know when considering having a Botox injection.