Matthew Schulman: Breast reductions will, as the name says, reduce the size of your breasts. It's very common for women to come to me and complain about back pain, neck pain, rashes under their breasts, which are the direct result of having large breasts. The breast reduction procedure itself will remove some breast tissue, reducing the overall best size, and what I find it's really satisfying procedure for both me as a physician and the patient because the complaints that they came to me with such as neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, go away very, very quickly within a few days after breast reduction once I'm able to reduce the weight of the breast.

So a breast reduction surgery takes about two to three hours in the operating room under general anesthesia so you're completely asleep. The recovery is actually pretty good. It's usually not a procedure that's painful afterwards so my patients do very, very well. A lot of them don't even take any pain medicine. The scarring will vary depending on what type of breast reduction procedure I perform on you, but in general the most common type is either an anchor incision or a lollipop incision.

So an anchor incision will go around the areola, down the front of the breast, and underneath. Just take the shape of an anchor. A lollipop incision will be around the areola and down the front, like a lollipop. And again it really depends on what the size and shape of your breasts are and also how much of a reduction you want. Most women that come to me for reduction are probably in the double D to F or G range.

Some women can actually be quite large and a reduction needs to be done carefully in order to preserve the normal proportions of their body. If you're going from a double D to a B, you might be a little bit unhappy and eventually come back and ask for breast implants. So I think that's it's very common to go down to probably a full C which I think may fit their body better, but again that's a decision that's made between myself, the physician and you, the patient so that we can choose a size that we think you would be happy with afterwards.

Breast Reduction

Doctor Matthew Schulman discusses Breast Reduction.