Hi, I'm Dr. Adam Oppenheimer and I'm a plastic surgeon in Melbourne, Florida. This is a question about chest pain following breast augmentation. Chest pain and even breast pain is very uncommon after breast augmentation and continued pain, especially far out from the time of surgery is of concern. Usually we see breast pain following breast implants that develop capsules or capsular contracture. And this is an unfortunate development among breast implants that can occur specifically over time and, in particular, with implants that are placed above the muscle.

Capsular contracture is best described as scarring that develops around the implant, and that scarring can be painful. Usually what you see is visible distortion of the breast, either shifting up of the implant or shifting in a different direction of the implant and you see and feel a firmness to the implant as well. When this is painful, a surgery is indicated. The surgery is very straightforward. You simply make the same incision approaches from your previous surgery in most cases and you remove the capsule and remove the implant. At that time, you can either replace the implant or you can do a breast lift if that's indicated.

Again chest pain or breast pain is definitely an indication to see your surgeon. Other studies may be necessary. Often an implant can be ruptured in the context of capsule formation and the best study to get this is with an MRI and that can tell you the nature of the capsule and also the integrity of the implant.

I hope this helps.

Pain Following Breast Augmentation? It Could Be a Sign of a Bigger Problem

Dr. Adam Oppenheimer discusses the connection between breast pain and capsular contracture after breast augmentation with breast implants.