Dr. Kamakshi Zeidler: Hi, I'm Dr. Kamakshi Zeidler, plastic surgeon, and I'm going to be talking to you today about breast lifts. I meet a lot of women who come in for consultation after a life pregnancy, age has changed their breasts, leading to a lot of droop. They may be happy with the overall size of their breasts, and want to simulate the look of a breast in a bra, pushed up. For women like this, I recommend a breast lift, which can be done a variety of ways; my preferred technique is with a vertical incision, employing a lollipop type scar. This allows us to lift the nipple into a more appealing position, and redistribute the breast volume for a more youthful shape.

I like to use a newer technique called auto augmentation, which allows us to take a wedge of breast tissue, and lift it up underneath the breast tissue into the top part of the breast, which allows a lot of fullness, without the need for an implant. For some women, who are looking for a little extra boost, but still don't want a breast implant we can add fat transfer to this procedure, where we can do a little bit of liposuction from another portion of the body and add that fats to areas like the cleavage, or the top part of the breast, to create an extra boost of fullness.

What I've added to this procedure more recently is a tissue matrix, or a mesh, which can act like an internal bra. This can be placed inside the breast to hold the breast tissue up for more long lasting lift. A breast lift with the auto augmentation procedure, employing some of these new techniques can provide a very long lasting lift to the breast that restores a lot of the fullness of youth.

Breast Lift and Auto Augmentation

Dr. Kamakshi Zeidler describes the latest breast lift procedures including fat transfer to the breasts and "auto augmentation," which is used to reposition a woman's breast tissue to increase volume without implants.