There are a lot of decisions that have to be made when deciding to undergo breast augmentation. Making these decisions requires appropriate information and you to see your plastic surgeon. Often this will require more than one visit. When I see my patients on the initial visit, we have an extensive discussion about how you do the procedure, where the implants are placed, and what type of implant you can use. No real decision is made at that point. This is merely an informative session.

At that point, the patient goes home, has the information they need, and they start doing a lot of homework. When they're ready for surgery, they typically will let us know and schedule their surgery. Even when they schedule their surgery, they still have to come back in and perform a preoperative visit. At that time, we do preoperative photography to use for before and afters, and then we also kind of have a discussion about exactly what type of implant we're going to use, how we're going to perform the surgery, risks, benefits, and complications.

In deciding what type of implant to use, I base this on the patient's overall desires and goals in addition to their body measurements and what their tissues can handle. Breast augmentation is a very nice surgery, and people are often very happy afterward.

Breast Implants Require a Lot of Research and Decision Making

Dr. Gaurav Bharti discusses the dynamic nature of decision making in breast augmentation.