This is Dr. Bill Adams from the Adams Center on Newbury Street in Boston. I wanted to talk today about choice of implant size of breast augmentation. I've done thousands of breast augmentations and I have selected the implant size with the patient based on the widths of their breasts, their chest dimensions and the size they would like to be.

Most women are happy with the C cup and in this selection process, it's been very successful for me and my patients. However most recently the Mentor Corporation, one of the manufacturers of breast implants, has come out with a new sizing system that I find helpful in discussing with patients their choice of implant size. This is a sizer that goes inside the bra to give patients an idea of what size it will be. It is not shaped like an implant and it is not an implant, but it was designed to give the patient an idea by placing different sizes of these in the bra to determine what size they would be comfortable with.

I found for me in general that I've ended up putting larger implants in that I would have otherwise. This is done by my staff with the patient and they go through a fitting process, and then in combination with my staff, the patient, and myself, we decide what seems to be the appropriate size.

This appears to be a successful system for most patients and it adds another dimension in the important process of the appropriate breast implant size for patients. Dr. Bill Adams from the Adams Center on Newbury Street in Boston.

Breast Implant Selection: What Is the Mentor Sizing Method?

Dr. William Adams explains the Mentor sizing system for breast implants and how it has worked for his patients.