The selection of the implant as both size and type for breast augmentation is probably the most important thing that we do and also the source of most anxiety for many people. Many questions are related to implant size when I look online and answer online question. One of the biggest things in the past that people talked about was volume, whether it's 300 ccs, 400 ccs, 500 ccs or what not. And I think it's really important to take a more three-dimensional approach. I think volume is just one measurement and I think it's almost secondary.

The first thing that I think you have to talk about is the width. The width of the implant has to match the width of the breast. Once we figure out the width that matches you then we can pick the projection based on the look that you're trying to achieve, whether that's a moderate profile or a higher profile implant. Then we can almost secondarily back into the volume and by taking a more three-dimensional approach, we can get much more natural results and much more predictable results.

We have a sizing system that we use to help people select implants; I think that's also important. It gives them a sense of what the implants are going to look like underneath a t-shirt and I think that that's really allowed us to have results that we're happy with and have the best chance of having a happy person afterwards.

I think that there are a couple of things that we can do for your breast augmentation to try to minimize the recovery time. There are some long-acting local anesthetics that we use during the procedure that can diminish the early post-operative pain, that way we can make the procedure as easy as we can. If we can eliminate the early pain then I think people are back up on their feet faster. I don't do any heavy wraps or anything along those lines. When you wake up from a procedure you have a bra in place. You can shower the next day. Most women are up and about the next day. Certainly within two to three days, they are able to drive and get along with their lives.

I think that if we can minimize the recovery time and make the procedure as easy as possible and as pleasant as possible, people are much happier. At the end of the day that's the only important thing.

Taking a 3D Approach to Breast Implant Selection

Dr. Jeffrey Rockmore explains how and why he takes a 3D approach to breast implant sizing.