The OCEAN technique is a procedure which we developed here at Aurora clinics, which combines the four elements of its name. That is an "O" shaped scar around the nipple with no other scarring combined with areola reduction, enlargement, and a nipple lift. So essentially, with the operation, we can do an enlargement through an incision around the nipples and keep that scarring absolutely to a minimum. We could also reduce the areola and lift the areola tightly up the skin performing a breast lift all through the same scar. Scar normally heals really well. We have special techniques for reducing scarring, which I will explain in other videos. Overall, the OCEAN technique, we find, is really popular with people who feel as if their areola might be a little bit large or low and would like an enlargement.

Breast Enlargement With the OCEAN technique

Dr. Adrian Richards explains the OCEAN technique, which provides a lift and reduction of the areola with a single O-shaped scar.