So let's talk a little bit about breast lift. The breasts are very susceptible to changes in weight, changes in hormones, aging, the normal aging process. So it's very common for a woman who has very perky breasts as a young woman to come in and now she is 30. She has a couple of children. Or she is 40 and has lost a lot of weight, who complains her that breasts are drooping. This is again, one of the most common procedures that I perform as a plastic surgeon.

So basically a breast lift would be lifting the breasts to a perkier more youthful position on the chest. So the overall look is more youthful and more pleasing. The confusing part is that a breast lift really doesn't do anything to change the volume of your breast. It's not going to make your breast bigger. It's not going to make your breast smaller. All it's going to do it basically make your breasts look like they are in a push-up bra. But you won't have to wear the push-up bra.

So the incision will vary slightly on how larger your breasts are. How much of a lift you need. But the incision will always involve an incision around the areola and sometimes up and down like a lollipop. So that's when we talk about a lollipop incision, that's what we are talking about. A lot of women come in and they, they say that they think they need a breast lift. And maybe they need a breast implant but they can't decide how, which they need.

What I always tell my patients is that if you are happy with the way your breasts look in a push-up bra then all you need is a breast lift. Because like I said, it doesn't change the volume at all. If you want to be in a push-up bra and be slightly bigger, then it's not uncommon to have a breast lift and a small breast implant placed at the same time.

A breast lift will not interfere with, with breast feeding. It shouldn't interfere with nipple sensation, although there are slight risks. In general, most of the patients that come to me for breast lifts do so after they are completely done having children. Which I think is always a good idea because as we know, pregnancy and breast feeding will change your breasts quite a lot. So you want to have your children. Let your children do all the damage to your body that they are going to do and then you get it fixed. So I think that that's always, always the best order to do things.

Breast Augmentation with Lift Surgery

Doctor Matthew Schulman discusses breast augmentation with lift surgery.