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  • Breast Augmentation - Implant selection and implant placement
Dr. Matthew Shulman: Hi. This is Dr. Schulman, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. I just wanna step out of my operating room and talk to you briefly about breast augmentation. Breast augmentation is really the most common procedure done today in plastic surgery. When done correctly by board certified plastic surgeon, you can get a really, really nice result which includes fuller, rounder breast and just an overall better shape. There's a couple of things to know about breast augmentation. And the first main thing to know is what type of implant you want. It's really important to have this conversation with your plastic surgeon, and he or she will be able to explain to you the difference between saline and silicone implants. This is really a personal preference. I think that saline implants tend to look a little bit more fake. They tend to ripple a little bit more. So today's silicone gel implants are just so good that they tend to look and feel more natural. So in my practice, about 95% of the implants that I put in are silicone implants.

Dr. Matthew Shulman: Once you've really picked what type of implant you want, then again you need to talk about the type of shape of the implant. They come in a variety of different shapes. The implants come in a low profile, a medium profile, and a high profile implant. These basically has to do with the width of the implant, so how wide the implant is versus how tall it is or the projection. This is usually something that's selected by your plastic surgeon based on your specific body type. It's not really a decision that you make based on your look because it's really a way that we have in choosing the implant that best fits your body.

Dr. Matthew Shulman: So as I said, a lot of times people come in and they're concerned about silicone implants. This is a really nice demonstration where basically if you cut the implant in half, or you cut a piece off these newer silicone implants, they're gummy bear implants. The silicone gel won't leak out. So the risk of spreading or leaking within your body is essentially zero. So when I put silicone gel implants in people, I'm not at all concerned about the implant leaking. So these are things you should talk to your plastic surgeon about.

Dr. Matthew Shulman: Now whatever implant you choose, whatever material, whatever style, whatever shape, they can be put into the breast either just below the breast tissue or below both the breast tissue and the muscle. Again, in my practice, it's most common to put the implant below both the breast and the muscle because I think it gives a more natural appearance. It gives a little bit more camouflage over the implants so you don't get that bubble appearance or that really fake looking breast at the top. It also has a lower chance of complication. So when the implant is put beneath the muscle, there's less of a chance of caps or contracture, there's less of a chance of infection. And overall, I think it's a better placement. But again, there are some of my patients who, for whatever reason, do better with an implant placed above the muscle. So really have this conversation with your board certified plastic surgeon.

Dr. Matthew Shulman: Now if you choose an experienced board certified plastic surgeon, and you go through all the proper steps to choose exactly what implant you want, what size, what fits your body, what gives you the look that you want, then you're gonna get a really nice look. And you can get a really nice result, something that you can be really proud of. So if you're considering breast augmentation, it's really important to make sure you see your board certified plastic surgeon, talk about all the options that you have, and it could be an operation that really can change your life. So this is Doctor Shulman. And I hope this is a little bit helpful for you and keep an eye out for more videos from me in the future.

Breast Augmentation - Implant selection and implant placement

General information from Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Matthew Schulman MD, about breast augmentation