When trying to pick breast rejuvenation generally I personally see two different peaks in my practice. I have the very young women who have not had any children yet who are on the smaller side who desire a higher, rounder breast. The larger portion of my patient population involves the women who have already had children and they're done, but they've had their children, they're very happy, but their breasts have deflated. Two separate scenarios here and one scenario usually just require standard breast augmentation. There's a variety of different sizes and shapes of implants. There's round, there's anatomic, there's silicon, there's saline, and all this is discussed at the time of consultation. There are no cookie cutter methods. We take precise measurements. I like to hear from the patients what they want done and then we'll have a chat about this, an examination, and then I'll discuss with them what their option are.

Breast Augmentation Candidates: Young and Full or Mature and Natural

Dr. Stephen Chen discusses the two groups he sees most often who are interested in breast augmentation: the younger pre-children crowd who prefer a higher, fuller breast and the post-children crowd who prefer to look more sloped and natural.