Hi I'm Dr. Shoman a board-certified plastic surgeon. I just got out of the operating room and what tell you little bit about what I did, I just performed a Brazilian butt lift that involves a fat transfer and a Brazilian butt lift it is one of my specialty procedures. So Brazilian but that will allow you to go from this, to this. So you can see that there is a much more narrow waist, a rounder butt, fuller hips, and just an overall improvement in the contour. So how do I do it? Basically what it involves is modified liposuction where I remove fat from specific areas. So I'm going to remove fat from either areas where you have to much of it and you don't want it, like your waist, your hips, your flanks, your lower back, your upper back. And then I'm going to take that fat and I'm going to inject it in places that you do want it, like your butt, your hips, or really anywhere else. So you can see that I'm doing liposuction. In this particular person I'm liposuctioning lower back, the flanks, the love handles. And you can see that the fat is being collected into a canister. That's gonna be the fat that I use for transfer to her buttocks and her hips. So after that that is collected of the canister you can see that it's a beautiful gold and yellow. Now this is really perfect fat for injecting. And in the past I used to just take this fat and inject it into those areas, but what I actually started doing was something a little bit more involved where I have my nurse now spinning that fat, so as that fat spins round and round on that centrifuge it further separates the liquid from that fat. So you can see that after the fat is separated from the liquid we're left with even better fat. So from these syringes will squirt out that little bit of liquid at the bottom an and now we're left with pure fat which is going to give a better improvement in the contour of the butt and hips, and also last longer.

So then I take that fat, my assistant loads up these special injection guns. And that helps me to inject the fat into the butt, into the hips, or wherever we're injecting. What I'm doing is I'm injecting just teeny tiny little amounts of fat in multiple levels of the tissues. So I'm injecting above the muscle, below the muscle, in the muscle of the butt. And that's going to help get a nice increase in volume, and increase in size. So after that's done, then you can see the type of improvement that you can get right on the operating room table. You can see that there is a much more narrow waist, that beautiful scoop to the lower back that everybody wants, round butt, fuller hips. And afterwords I'm going to wrap her up with the special foam. Now I like to use this foam on those areas to get added compression. And then a compression garment will be put overtop. Some doctors will like to use a drain, now my personal preferences not to use a drain. I just think it's better for my patients, it's a better recovery, they don't have to do with the drain or any wound care or anything like that, and it's also less painful. You know now that being said, that's my own personal technique, and I've done hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of these procedures and I've never used a drain. I've never felt that I needed to use a drain. Other doctors who feel that the drain is necessary that, that's their own technique and everyone needs to do what they're comfortable doing. I can only speak for my own technique. So a Brazilian butt lift will contour the entire body so you can see you can get really beautiful results. So, on the top is the before pictures and you can see what an improvement was made just by removing the fat from the waist, in the back, and the bra line and putting it into the butt and the hips. So hopefully that gives you a nice little overview about the Brazilian butt lift. That's a procedure I just finished doing. I'm going to grab a bite to eat and then I'm going to go back in the OR, and I'm gonna do it again. So, thank you for watching my video and stay tune for some more videos. This is Dr. Shoman board-certified's plastic surgeon in New York City.

A Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure Explained From the O.R.

Dr. Matthew Schulman joins us just after completing a Brazilian Butt Lift to explain the procedure.