According to Botox's website which I spend some time on this morning, 11 million men and women in America have had Botox treatment, so that's pretty amazing. We do know it's FDA approved by the US FDA and it has been since about 2002, even though since mid '80s it's been approved in several medical problems. So it's something that's really been tested. What it actually is is a protein injected into a muscle to stop the movements, so that wouldn't be good in the rest of our body, but put in specific muscle groups in the face via trained injector. It can help to relax those areas and stopped the creasing. Some people just have really expressive faces, some people all over, some people just in certain area.

You can get lines, crow's feet from squinting in the sun and if you think about Botox as just a relaxer for a little bit, if you continue to crease say a piece of paper over and over and over, it's eventually going to make a permanent crease and that is something Botox isn't going to help. When you see somebody with a really wrinkled face who's not making an expression but actually still has a wrinkle, that's what we're trying to avoid with Botox. So if you let that crease iron itself out for a couple of months say using Botox, use some good skin care, give it a break. You're going to push out the aging process and keep a smoother appearance for longer.

It's approved to do the 11s between the brows which I think I can do but I have Botox right now so I can't fully do it. As well as a lot of people use it on the forehead, around the crow's feet area, but usually just from here up. So it is something that is temporary. It only lasts about four months and it's something you could then stop and never do again if you wanted. You would just go back to normal. It's not something you become addicted to or have to maintain. Botox is priced by the amount that you used as well, which is nice. So you're actually getting what you pay for.

If you only want a little bit, you only pay for a little bit versus everybody's forehead has the same price because some people do need more, men need more. The most common side effects are you can have a bruise where the injection site was. It can be a little bit red, can be a little bit swollen, but there are other side effects which is why you need to be careful who you go to.

Why is Botox Beneficial?

In order to push back the aging process and those stubborn wrinles, Gretta Handley, Patient Care Manager at Davis Plastic Surgery, discusses Botox, a treatment she herself has used.