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  • Botox Can Treat Crows Feet and Frown Lines Before the Wrinkles Set In
Dr. Braden Stridde: I'm Dr. Braden Stridde, Medical Director of Puget Sound Plastic Surgery, and I'm here today to talk about Botox. Looking at Angie, she's pretty smooth here in her frown line or glabellar area. Go ahead and frown for me. Every time she does that action with her facial muscles, it puts a crease in the skin. If you crease the skin over and over and over again, eventually you'll get a line. The goal of Botox is to stop that from happening.

The other area she was concerned about is along the side of her eyes here, her smile lines. She's just starting to get some fine lines there. By treating this area with Botox, we will stop the action of the facial muscle around that area, the orbicularis oculi. That won't be able to contract as strong, and those lines will be prevented from getting deeply ingrained. So I'm just going to do one, two, three little injections, a total of six units of Botox here.

Frown for me. Now, she does have a pretty strong frown, so we're going to have to go a little bit stronger in the frown area. Do that again, okay. So I'm going to start out with about 16 units of Botox in that area. So total of 28 units of Botox for you today, okay?

Angie: Okay.

Botox Can Treat Crows Feet and Frown Lines Before the Wrinkles Set In

Dr. Braden Stridde treats patient Angie's frown lines and crow's feet with Botox in order to settle the muscles that are just starting to create little lines.