Matthew Schulman: Okay. These are two of the neurotoxins on the market today. This is Botox from Allergan. This is Dysport from Medisys. They're both botulinum neurotoxin. The way this works is that it paralyzes the muscles. It doesn't specifically get rid of the lines by filling the lines. It gets rid of the lines by paralyzing the muscles which are causing the lines. So I tell my patients it's really analogous to a crease in your shoe. You have a crease in your shoe from when you step and your shoe bends, so if you start bending your shoe, the crease goes away. So that's how it works with Botox and what we do is, in my patients that have the elevens, I place small careful injections of either Botox or Dysport which will paralyzes this muscle here and prevent those lines.

A lot of patients have lines on their forehead, so carefully placed Botox or Dysport in small amounts will paralyze the forehead muscle and help prevent those lines. It's really important that you choose a physician who is experienced with this because most of the problems that I see after these injections are not incorrect injection technique. I think it's more of a poor decision about where the placement of the injection is. So a lot of patients don't want their forehead to be completely paralyzed. That's a huge giveaway of Botox and we see it all the time in Hollywood. So carefully placed Botox or Dysport will soften the forehead muscles without totally paralyzing the muscles so you'll still be able to raise your eyebrows. It just will reduce the lines in your forehead when you do raise eyebrows.

Botox and Dysport Injections

Doctor Matthew Schulman discusses Botox and Dysport injections.