With regards to body contouring and many things in plastic surgery, there's a variety of options for any given patient. Of course being a surgeon, many of the best options are surgical. There is, oftentimes, less invasive option depending on the particular patient.

One thing that I integrate into my practice is laser technology. Plastic surgery has become as much about the technology that you can offer the patients as it is your surgical skill; both are equally important. If you don't have the technology to offer to your patients, then you really can't offer them the optimal outcomes.

With body contouring, one thing that I do is use lasers when I'm often doing liposculpture techniques, even in combinations with all sorts of body contouring procedures such as tummy tucks. There's typically a combination of using laser body sculpting as well as more traditional liposuction techniques as well.

Body Contouring: Learn Your Surgical and Non-Surgical Options

Dr. Sean A. Simon discusses the variety of body contouring options available, ranging from the surgical to the non-surgical.