Q: Hi, this is Dr. Jennifer Reichel, Pacific Dermatology and Cosmetics Center. And we're going to do some under eye injections with a filler called Belotero. It's a hyaluronic acid filler, really nice for under the eyes. It flows very smoothly. This is Raquel who we're going to treat, and if you want to bring the camera in close and take a look at her under eyes. We prepared Raquel with a topical numbing cream so that she'll be able to feel more comfortable during the procedure. And my favorite thing to use is actually a Q-Tip. So here's the syringe of the Belotero and here's my Q-Tip. And here's the patient. Okay. So I'd like you, if you can, to keep your eyes open. All right? And here we go. I'm just going to start here doing one injection. How are you doing Raquel?

A: Okay.

Q: Good. And then I just take the Q-Tip and I roll it. And it just kind of rolls into place. So I'm actually going all the way to bone, and then I pulled back just a tiny bit because I don't want to be under what's called the "periosteum." I want to be just above it. And that's what I'm doing here with Raquel. There are some patients that will actually be more superficial with, depending on exactly what their issues are. If they have a lot of wrinkles, then I might be more superficial. With Raquel, she mainly just has some dark circles under her eyes, sort of indentations or what we call "tear trough deformity."

A: Look at the improvement already.

Q: I know. Isn't that amazing?

A: Fast, wow.

Q: Okay, and you can't smile. Good girl. Yes. So if you can see already just the comparison of this side to this side. And she'll have some swelling. She may get a little bit of bruising. And the swelling lasts for about two to three days. It usually starts pretty immediately. Icing is really important. And making sure that you don't press on the area. You could actually move the filling around. You don't want to do that. And so just sort of taking it easy. No exercise the day of. And by tomorrow she can go back to normal activity. And there's that eye.

Injecting Belotero for Under the Eyes

Doctor Jennifer Reichel documents what a Belotero injection is like for treating dark circles under the eye.