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Dr. Anthony Bared: Hi, my name is Anthony Bared. I'm a facial plastic surgeon in Miami. And I'm here with a patient one day after an FUE procedure for facial hair transplantation. I just want to briefly go over the patient's preoperative photographs. He was requesting filling in of his natural beard. As well, we draw preoperatively the areas that will be transplanted. And we both agree on exactly the design of the beard before the transplantation process occurs. This patient's specific history includes a history of electrolysis. So he has sparsity of hairs and so desires to fill in at this point. So as you could see here, we're one day, this is postoperative day number one. So the patient had his procedure yesterday. He had a little over 1,200 grafts to fill in his existing beard. And if you can come over here, this is what the recipient's head looks like. And this is what you can expect one day after an FUE procedure. Do you mind just sharing with us briefly your experience so far?

Male: Sure. All right, so I came into the office. I had a consultation on the phone, but I also had a consultation in real life. The doctor informed me of all my options, which was important. It wasn't just like, just do this. He gave me all the options. I chose this option, as you can see the outline. All right. So we get into the operating room. So I have a little bit jittery nerves, to a degree. So I listened to the team. I took a little bit of Valium. It calmed me down, so that helped out a lot. During the procedure when they do the injections, you'll get pinches, some minor discomfort. By the way, the time kind of, like, flies by. I didn't feel like it was hours and hours.

It felt maybe two and a half hours, the whole thing. It just flew by. Maybe it was the Valium. So, the time went pretty quickly. The discomfort is there. You will get some of that. That's just expected. But if you take Valium, it just also depends on your pain tolerance. There are options. Like, you can take Valium. It just calms you down. I was relaxed. I didn't have any problem with staying still. I was fine because I wasn't feeling any pain, once they numbed you. All right. So there's pain, there's a little bit of pinching discomfort during the procedure. Keep that in mind. That also depends on your tolerance level.

When I was done, I also had a delicious lunch. It was very yummy, it was a nice, I guess, burger, sandwich or something. So, I was well taken care of. Now, when it was over, they gave me the medication. They told me how I could take care of myself. Now, I get home. An hour later, I get to my hotel, an hour later. Right now the pain is 10% of what it was yesterday right after the procedure. What was the pain? I would say it was just, I guess, probably sunburn, to a degree. It felt, like, kind of a sunburn. It wasn't like someone punched me. It wasn't like, it wasn't like that. It was just, like, something is there. And I knew it wouldn't go on. I kept telling myself, "Look, just relax."

So I took Tylenol to alleviate that to a degree. Obviously I was given medication by the doctor, but I just took basic Tylenol. I slept with my head up like that on a pillow, as advised. And, then I woke up this morning, I felt much better. So now I'm in 10% discomfort. I feel great. I look great. I, I love the result already. I know this is not the full result. It takes up to a year to grow. But I love the result already. And I feel great, so that's basically it. In the beginning you have discomfort, but that's expected for any kind of procedure like this. It's not a haircut. They're working on you to a degree. But just wait 24 hours. It gets much better.

Dr. Anthony Bared: The nice thing about facial hair transplantation is, as opposed to scalp hair transplantations, is that when you're performing the facial hair transplantation; you get to see almost the results because of the size of the hairs. It obviously looks like the patient's had a few days' worth of hair growth, and that's the size of the graft, so it's very telling immediately what the results would be. And that's why the patients review in a mirror after the procedure, to make sure that they're satisfied at least with the density that can be achieved in one session, as well as the design of the beard. Thank you. This is Anthony Bared, facial plastic surgeon in Miami.

Beard Hair Transplant: Next Day Post-Op Check In

Dr. Anthony Bared presents a patient's next day post-operative results from a FUE beard hair transplant procedure.