Breast augmentation is primarily performed with breast implants like everyone else. Saline implants, silicone implants, and now they have shape implants. However, there are alternatives, so fat grafting is one of those main alternatives. Take fat from a part of the body where you have an excess of, and you transfer that to the breast.

The benefit of fat grafting to the breast is that it's your own body. So you gain weight, it gains weight with you. You lose weight, it loses weight with you. And it's natural. You don't feel the implant just because it's fat grafting. You don't have to worry about changing out the implant. Capsular contraction is not an issue.

The negatives of it is that you cannot really increase the size of the breast as much in one session as with an implant. So half cup size to a cup size is about routine for most patients. Now there are some patients that are so thin they don't have any excess fat, so we have to use an implant.

Breast Augmentation Alternatives: Implants Aren't the Only Option

Dr. Remus Repta walks us through some of the alternatives to breast augmentation for those patients who do no want implants, such as fat grafting.