I think breast implants are really important if you want to add volume, especially to the upper pole or the top part of the breast. But they are not necessarily required if you are happy with the size of your breasts and you don't mind a breast that's maybe slightly smaller but more firm and rejuvenated, then a breast lift alone can be a great option. Traditionally breast lifts were separated from implants and so, I mean really it's only been about the last 10 years where we've have done breast lifts and breast implants together. And I think that is driven primarily by patents who want fewer surgeries. And I think it makes sense but in some people where we're not sure if an implant makes the right choice, we can certainly do the breast lift, see how it goes and then 6 months later add in a small implant in a relatively easy procedure to add volume if needed, you know. So that's always an option.

Do I Need to Get Implants With a Breast Lift?

Dr. Mahlon Kerr explains how likely it is for a woman to receive a breast lift separate from a breast augmentation.