We see a lot of aesthetic patients in our practice. There’s a lot of sun exposure in Colorado. People live there for, really, some the outdoor activities that we that we enjoy. There’s over 300 days of sunshine. And we see a lot of sun damage.

So the eyes are a great example of some of the areas where we can rejuvenate, some of that age-related changes and not sun-related changes. We can rejuvenate the area by adding volume. We can use fillers like Restylane and Voluma to sort of lift up the area. We can also use lasers to resurface some of the fine lines and some of the craping. And we use neuromodulators like Botox and Xeomin and Dysport to help some of the muscle contractions that cause some of those lines as well.

Anti-Aging Treatment Options

Dr. Joel L. Cohen discusses anti-aging and sun damage treatment options.