I really look at Breast Augmentation as a process for the patient in terms of understanding the trade-offs and limitations. I think one of those things is picking the appropriate size of implant. In New England where we're located patients want to look natural afterwards. They want to look better, but they don't want their neighbors or other people to know that they've had an implant so they will tell me they’d like to look like they’re padded bra without the padding.

We spend a lot of time measuring the patient and making sure that the implant that they might like is going to fit properly. I've seen patients that come in that have had surgery elsewhere, they have implants that are too large, and they've had a lot of problems with stretching issues. They'll tell me they wish the doctor had spent some time sitting down with them and talking about that beforehand. Women that get up into the D cup range start having problems with back or shoulder pain with mostly the women that come in for breast reductions. Women will say, "I want to be a D cup," and I’ll say, "No you don't because you haven't lived there yet. When you do you're going to have some problems." We spend a lot of time really kind of counselling the patient trying to help guide them to make good decisions.

Why Receiving the Best Consultation Depends on Honesty and Expectations

Dr. Jonathan Hall stresses that the patient should always be open about their goals and expectations, while the surgeon should be honest about their recommendation.