The concept in my mind is to try to give the patient, you know, what they want but generally a natural look. And so I think that a higher profile implant allows someone to have a larger implant without being too wide for the base of their breast.

So I use that on occasion. Generally those are women with a more mature breast who have been stretched more with babies. I think that there's some concern that if you use that in a woman with a tight breast it might cause too much stretching of the tissues. But we'll use that when we want to use a little bit more volume for a patient, and then the width of her breast will accommodate. We don't want a breast that's so wide that it looks unnatural or funny.

Big Implants on a Narrow Chest: High-Profile Is the Way to Go

Dr. Jonathan Hall addresses those patients who desire large breasts but have a narrow chest, recommending a high-profile implant.