Dr. Matthew Shulman: Hi. I'm Dr. Matthew Schulman, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, answering a really common question, am I a good candidate for a Brazilian butt lift. Basically, Brazilian butt lift takes fat from the places you don't want it and put it where you do. So if you have excess fat that you don't want and you have a butt that you want rounder and hips that you want fuller, then the short answer is yes, you're a good candidate for a Brazilian butt lift.

Dr. Matthew Shulman: Here's the problem though. You need to make sure that you have enough fat. I see a lot of patients that come in that are just too skinny. They just don't have enough fat to donate to themselves. It really takes a lot of fat to make the butt rounder and fuller. I do about six to eight Brazilian butt lifts for a week. I probably see about 10 to 15 new consults per day of women requesting Brazilian butt lift. And unfortunately, about 25% of those women are just not candidates because they're just too skinny. It's possible to gain weight and that may give you more fat. But I'm not a big fan of gaining weight because I don't think it promotes good fat. And it's just more likely that you're gonna lose that fat from your butt months or years after the procedure. So you really need to have enough fat for Brazilian butt lift.

Dr. Matthew Shulman: Here's some typical patients of mine. And you can see, if you look like the before pictures and you wanna look like the after pictures, then you're a really good candidate for Brazilian butt lift. I have a lot of women that are overweight. I have a lot of women that are very skinny. And I think that an experienced Brazilian butt lift surgeon can definitely find enough fat on even the skinniest woman and can give them some results that they're really gonna be happy with. So these are some typical results of my patients. You can see that the butt got more projection. The butt is rounder. Someone would just want a very natural look and they want that athletic looking butt. Other women want a little bit fuller, more pronounced. Someone want really full with a very narrow waist. So no matter what you're looking for, if you have enough fat to donate to yourself, then you're a good candidate.

Dr. Matthew Shulman: You have to obviously be healthy medically. You can't have any medical problems that would preclude you from having surgery. But like I always tell people, this is a very specialized procedure. You need to make sure that you find a board certified plastic surgeon that does a lot of these. This is not a procedure that every plastic surgeon does. You need to find a plastic surgeon that does at least six to eight per week. And that plastic surgeon should be able to show you at least 100 before and after pictures of their own patients. That's the only way to really know that your surgeon is experienced at this procedure. What happens is if some surgeons do this, then they only do a few of these a month. That's not what you want because you're not gonna get good predictable results. So do your homework. Make sure you see a board certified plastic surgeon and really only during that consultation can we tell you if you are a good candidate. But if you have the fat that you want gone, and you have somewhere that you want it to go, then in general a Brazilian butt lift is the really good operation for you. So good luck and I look forward to answering more of your questions.

Am I a Brazilian Butt Lift Candidate?

Dr. Matthew Schulman, board certified plastic surgeon, answers this common question: Am I a Brazilian butt lift candidate?