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It became a very popular procedure. And the way we do that is not with implants, but transferring fat into the buttock area. So, many times when I have patients and they want a Brazilian butt lift, their idea is that they want the buttock enlarged and then I look at them and examine them and I have to educate them that actually, what you want to do first is reshape the buttocks. You have to give the buttocks shape first. And most of the fat that we use is going into the shaping of the buttocks, and then sometimes goes into enlarging it as well. But, you get an enlargement in a sense in that you subtract fat from the waistline, from the hips, the muffin top, the abdomen, so everything gets narrowed down and with a laser, I'm able to really contour them significantly so they look more athletic and they have a rounder, fuller buttock.

All About the Brazilian Butt Lift

Dr. George Marosan describes the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.