Dr. Epstein: Hi, I'm Dr. Epstein. I'm here with Janica who is an adorable young lady who... We did her nose. This was her before. She's only 11 days post-op, but you can see her main concerns are with the wideness, the broadness. and the undefined tip, and the broadness of her bridge and her tip. This is her at just 11 days, we took her splint off.

What we did was narrow all this, bring in the tip. You can see on the profile what we were able to do there. Basically, the surgery involved doing a lot of tip work, refining the tip, breaking the bones, the bridge here. So, we brought it in and this is how she's doing. How're you doing, sweetie?

Janica: I feel fabulous. It's still my nose with a little refinement, which is exactly what I wanted to do. Preserve my ethnicity.

Dr. Epstein: Exactly. I'm a big fan. You know, it's always nice when you take a pretty girl and, you know, who's got certain features that, especially when we're reducing the size of the nose. But I do agree, I think it's important too. For most patients, they want to retain their ethnicity, but maybe just reduce those certain features that are just concerning to them. I think that's what we were able to accomplish with her.

Janica: Yes, very much so.

African American Rhinoplasty: Amazing Results After Only 11 Days

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein demonstrates a patient's speedy recovery following ethnic rhinoplasty surgery.