This is breakthrough technology in the world of topical medicine. What we have is technology that bridges the gap between professional grad skin care products, and injectable dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvederm.

We integrate three different technology platforms that allow us to drive dermal filler like molecules into the skin without a needle.

The way this works is we have a liposome, that has -- it's like a tennis ball -- that has a hollow cargo bay, and we put big molecules in this tennis ball and we can actually drive this tennis ball deep into the skin to correct lines of facial aging.

This technology is only going to improve. We're able to drive big molecules into the skin and make differences in the very deep lines.

Thin lines, fine lines are easy for us to correct with this technology, but now for the first time we can even correct the deepest of lines where you would normally get injections.

It's not quite as good as injections, so it's not a substitute for... But for the first time we're able to do this with a topical, where as before it was never been able to have be done before.

Aesthetic Topical Treatments: An Exciting New Breakthrough in Dermatology

Dr. Mark Pinsky talks about a brand new technology for "driving" medications into the skin to improve fine lines to deep lines where once these treatments were only available through the end of a needle.