Doctor: Today we are going to revolumize the cheek area in this young lady using cannula method and the product I am using today is Juvederm Ultra. My goal here is to revolumize the cheek and the [inaudible 00:00:19] by recreating the subcutaneous layer. As we see here, there is a white area, which I had already injected earlier lidocaine 1% with epinephrine and this helps our patient be comfortable so she doesn't have much if any at all pain and also the vasoconstriction helps with preventing bruising and it also helps me know exactly where she is numb. I am going to put the cannula in and hold it like a pencil. I just put it into the area that I'd already made with a 23-gauge needle. Sometimes it's difficult to visualize but now we are in the subcu plane. I'm going to aim for up here, going to bring the cannula up and then I know where my tip is, right here. Okay, so I am right here. I can feel the tip. I will start injecting, very smooth, slow injection and I can see getting revolumization of the area which is very natural. I will reposition my camera backward. How are you feeling?

Patient: Very good.

Doctor: Very good and as we are in the subcu plane, it's comfortable for the patient. We are not going through nerves and right here... I am putting some volume right here and just injecting very slowly and watching the skin [inaudible 00:02:16]. Then I am going to reposition. I am going to aim for the mid face where she is just a bit flat here and slowly advance the cannula forward until we get to the area where we want to be. I can see the tip there so I will rest my tip down... start to fill. I see her cheek [inaudible 00:02:51] very natural, just subcutaneous, very gentle, very natural filling and then periodically I will remove my cannula and see how we are doing, how we are looking. I feel no lumps, no bumps. We have a natural smooth finish. How do you feel?

Patient: Good.

Doctor: Good.

Add Volume Back to an Empty Cheek With Minimally-Invasive Fillers

Dr. Andrea Hui demonstrates a cheek volumization procedure using Juvederm for a patient who has lost fullness.