Levulan to the skin, that gets absorbed by the oil glands. Once absorbed, we activate it using a laser or light source. That activation shrinks the oil glands and kills the bacteria that are associated with acne.

We do PDT because it works. While there is no cure for acne, PDT is the only treatment other than Accutane that can provide long-lasting control. Every other treatment we have can improve acne while you use it, but once you stop, it slowly recurs. We've had some patients that have had improvement in their acne after PDT lasting as long as eighteen months.

When we do PDT, we start by thoroughly cleansing the skin. After cleansing, we apply the Levulan. It takes about an hour or so for the Levulan to get absorbed by the oil glands. During that time, you just relax in our office. Once the Levulan is absorbed, we activate it using a laser or light source. We most commonly use the blue light, but we also use the V-Beam laser and the IPL, depending on the situation.

The activation process can sting a little bit, but it's tolerable. Immediately after treatment, most patients are red and look as though they've had a sunburn; however, it's not a true sunburn. Some patients get peeling that lasts for a few days. Most patients see best results after three to four treatments, spaced two to four weeks apart each. However, some patients get significant improvement with fewer treatments.

Acne Treatment

Doctor Lawrence Osman discusses treatment options for acne.