Hi, my name is Dr. Andy Tibbitts. My primary dental practice is located in southern California near Wine Country. I also have another practice in Orange County called OC Dental Specialists where we have all specialties under one roof. I practice cosmetic and restorative dentistry with an emphasis on dental implants.

Today, we have an interesting case where our patient presents with Number Eight that is fractured horizontally, midway down the root. I'm going to extract the tooth, extract the root tip, place an implant, place a graft on a membrane, and suture it up. So you'll see all that coming right here.

[performing procedure 00:00:36 - 00:04:57]

Inside the Operating Room: Extraction and Implant Placement For a Fractured Tooth

Dr. Andrew Tibbitts demonstrates a tooth extraction and replacement on a man who fractured his right central incisor deep in the gums.