NeoGraft is a novel way in which we can actually remove individual hair follicles and fibers from the back of a head and transplant them individually to the front and the areas where one wants to have thicker hair. The difference with NeoGraft is there's no surgery. There's no incision. There's no downtime to speak of because we're not cutting out a strip of scalp, so there's no healing there of that strip or that incision. It eliminates the scarring, the baldness. It eliminates the pain, the numbness. It's the way to go in terms of male pattern baldness and even women. Actually a quarter of the patients that we're doing NeoGraft on are women with thinning hair or thinning sideburns or after face lifts with scarring and they want us to put the NeoGraft hair follicles in the scars. Another interesting thing with NeoGraft is we've actually put it in eyebrows to thicken the eyebrows in women. So strip grafts are a thing of the past as far as I'm concerned. NeoGraft is the way to go with hair replacement surgery.

The hair continues to grow with an eyebrow transplant, so it needs to be trimmed to keep it appropriate.

A Painless, Scarless, Incisionless Hair Transplant Technique Is Here!

Dr. Grant Stevens talks about NeoGraft, which is a brand new way of performing hair transplants that requires no surgery and little, if any, downtown. It is also being used on more women than ever before!