Mommy makeover is a constellation of different procedures. They try to reverse some of the changes that happen to a woman's body after pregnancy. There's a couple of areas that are commonly affected after pregnancies and sometimes it's one pregnancy, sometimes it's multiple pregnancies. And those areas usually affect both the breast and the belly.

So typically, a mommy makeover tries to give a woman her body back. And usually that includes a tummy tuck, some sort of breast enhancement, whether it's a breast lift or breast augmentation or combination of the two and some liposuction. By combining those procedures and doing them at the same time, we can diminish the recovery time, diminish the costs and really help women feel good about themselves. I see a lot of women that come back and say "I just want to wear the clothes that I used to wear. I just want to feel good about myself after the kids."

This is a set of procedures that has really become much more common. The recovery time for a mommy makeover really depends on what we are doing because no two mommy makeovers are the same. There's a lot of different ways, whether it's a full tummy tuck or a mini tummy tuck or the amount of breast surgery that's done. But all these things can safely be done as an outpatient procedure and still have you back at work or normal activities within two weeks. That doesn't mean that you're bed bound for two weeks because you're really not. Well, within two weeks, you're back out there. You're driving the kids to their activities. That's where we have to get you back to or your back at work or whatever you have to do to get back on with your life.

Mommy Makeovers: Expect to Be Back to Normal Within Two Weeks, Says This Doctor

Dr. Jeffrey Rockmore discusses the components of a Mommy Makeover and the areas that are treated. The recovery time from a Mommy Makeover and reason for combining the procedures is also discussed.