Hello, I'm Dr. Repta, and welcome to Trends in Breast Augmentation Surgery. There have been many advances in breast augmentation surgery over the years. In recent years, subfascial breast augmentation has enjoyed increased popularity, as well as the utilization of silicone or gummy bear implants and an overall increased focus on quicker recovery. With this in mind, let's take a look at two patients, who have undergone subfascial breast augmentation.

This first patient is in her late 20s. She desired a full C-cup breast augmentation. We ended up performing a breast augmentation with a round silicone implant placed in a subfascial position, the inframammary incision, also known as a breast crease incision. Her front view profile show nice breast shape symmetry and cleavage. Her side profile also show a very natural, yet perky breast shape, utilizing this technique of subfascial breast augmentation. The second patient is in her late 40s. She also underwent a breast augmentation in a subfascial position; also, very beautiful results with regards to shape and symmetry. And again on side profile, what we see is a very natural breast shape.

What we've learned from subfascial breast augmentation is that when performed appropriately and in the right patient, a softer breast shape and a softer breast feel can be accomplished. A natural result can be expected and the safety and efficacy of a breast augmentation, comparable to that of placement of the implant in a subpectoral position, can be accomplished. All of these with a much quicker recovery. Thank you very much. I'm Dr. Repta.

A-Cup To C-Cup: Why So-Called Subfascial Breast Implants Look More Natural

Doctor Remus Repta talks about recent advances in breast augmentation surgery, including the latest trend: a subfascial breast augmentation.