Well, the size is for you. This isn't like breast augmentation. Even in breast augmentation, we know not to go with huge implants, because what it does overtime is it stretches and thins your skin out and then you need reconstruction and surgery after surgery. We know this because of Pam Anderson. A lot of people know not to go too big. With Brazilian butt lifts it's the same thing. Not everybody has that much fat to use. You take as much as you usually can and you use what's possible to use for that patient. There's times when I wish I had more syringes but someone's just too thin, and there's times when I have five syringes that I don't have room to even put in.
You have to have someone that you go to to have the experience with this. I've been doing this a very long time. A lot of surgeons that have just started doing this, and I know how they feel because I was like this in the beginning, I want to make them as big as possible. It was exciting. You put a lot of fat. What happens is, you get a little bit of deflation, but over time you get more deflation if you put too much fat. If you put too much fat in the buttock and it's under tight pressure, you get more absorption of those fat cells and your long-term survival of fat becomes more unpredictable.
Everybody, every patient has a certain set point with the amount of loose skin they have, whether they've had kids before. A lot of people need a tummy tuck, thigh lifts. Some people have great tight skin. They've never had kids. They have perfect fat on the wrong places, and you take it from the wrong places and you put it in the buttock the right way in the proper techniques, and they have a long-term survival and they're satisfied. It's really not about size. That's a big, big mistake, and people run into lots of problems. In fact, later today I'm on an an expert panel for Brazillian butt lift, and I'm going to be speaking about the dangers of trying to put overfilling, the same as we do when we put implants that are too big for your breasts.
Really what you want to do is you want to harvest fat from all over the body. I rarely find somebody that doesn't have even a little bit of fat on the back of their arms. I've done calves, knees, you go everywhere. I've even done the neck even though it doesn't give you a lot. I see Brazilian butt lift as a entire body transformation. You want to be able to turn a woman or a man 360 degrees and have them look good in their silhouette and their overall body proportion. Just like we never want to show close-up results of a rhinoplasty or a nose job without showing the rest of the face, you can't just zoom in and show a buttock and expect to understand how that improved that patient's body transformation. You want to show the relationship of that buttock to the back, the love handles.
In order to establish the proper proportion or relationship, you try to get fat from everywhere that it doesn't belong, that it doesn't look good. I pretty much recommend at least five to six area of lipo on everybody. Occasionally, some people don't have it in some areas and I don't touch those areas. If they have loose skin, you don't want to go lipo too much because you'll make the skin looser.

A Brazilian Butt Lift Is Really a Full Body Transformaton

Dr. Ashkan Ghavami explains why doing Brazilian Butt Lift affects the entire body and why going too big can be a bad decision in the long run.