The Brazilian Butt lift is a unique procedure that can enhance the appearance of your buttocks but also tremendously enhance the appearance of your waist. With this procedure it's a play on your eyes and a manipulation of shadows. What is done is liposuction is performed of the waist, of your lower back, of your flanks, of your abdomen and some times of your thighs. This removes the extra fat that can be utilized for fat grafting to the buttocks. When the fat is placed in the buttocks it is placed in multiple different planes and multiple different locations, so what you've done is you've narrowed the waist, made the lower back smaller and then increased size of the buttocks, and this results in a more shapely figure. The amount of fat that is injected into the buttocks is variable and depends, number one, on how much fat the patient has and also the patient's goals and desires of how big they want to have their buttocks contoured.

Craving Curves? The Brazilian Butt Lift Enhances More Than Just the Booty

Dr. Gaurav Bharti discusses the core concepts of the Brazilian Butt Lift technique, including the parts of the body it enhances. (Hint: not just your booty!)