When I began in practice in 1995 in Beverly Hills the average age of the face lift patient was about 54. The late '90s, '99, I looked at it again, and it was 48. However, in the late '90s, there was a boom in that type of surgery because of television, and an awareness. Then it kind of settled down a little bit, particularly with the economic downturn. It's now back at about 51 years of age, which I think is a, is a fairly good age.

The other thing is that people are looking better naturally into an older age, and so their need to have a facelift may be a little bit older now, than it was 20 years ago, in our society, because a 50 year old now ... you know, the 50 is the new 30, right.

50 Is the New 30: Why We're Waiting Longer to Get Cosmetic Procedures

Dr. Andrew Frankel reveals the reasons why patients are waiting longer to get facelifts.