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Velashape vs. Endermologie

Which one is better for cellulite? READ MORE

VelaShape Vs. Accent - Which Cellulite Treatment is Better?

I would like to know which procedure is better for cellulite reduction -- Accent or VelaShape? READ MORE

Velashape Vs Smart Lipo for Hips and Buttocks

Hi! I am 5'1" and weigh 126 lbs. My problem area are my hips and buttocks-just a bit disproportional. During my consult, I was told that Velashape... READ MORE

Difference Between VelaShape and ReFirme?

I have a friend who is interested in having VelaSmooth done on her neck to achieve tightening. Will the results of VelaSmooth on this area be... READ MORE

What's the difference between Velashape I, Velashape II and Velashape III?

Alot of clinics in my area offer either Velashape I or Velashape II or Velashape III. Id assume the VIII is the best one? or each has its own feature? READ MORE

I would like to know if Velashape III (or II) or Venus Freeze (or Legacy) would be the best option for me?

I am researching procedures to help with cellulite on my butt and thighs as well as some sagging skin in these areas. READ MORE

Which treatment could help me? Velashape or Thermage/Titan? (Photo)

What is a better solution thermage Velashape I am a bikini competitor and in great shape. My problem area is stomach it needs to look tighter. I had a... READ MORE

Is Velashape 3 a lot more effective than 2?

Is velashape 3 a lot more effective than 2? I can't waste anymore money on something that barely works. No cellfina or cellulaze in Ireland yet READ MORE

VASERshape Vs. Buying an Ultrasound Machine and Doing It Myself(maybe Supplementing with a Zeltiq Treatment)?

What are the benefits of getting VaserShape treatments when I could just by an ultrasound machine with the same specs at the cost of one treatment or... READ MORE

Affirm Laser or Velashape for Skin Tightening?

Which is better between Affirm Laser Rejuvenation and Velashape for skin tightening on the back of thighs? READ MORE

Information on Velashape, Velasmooth, and Lipomax RE?

I am considering Velashape, Velasmooth, or Lipomax RE, but I don't see a lot of information about them. Are they no good? I have read they are the... READ MORE

Velashape vs cellulaze vs venus freeze. Whats the difference between these 3 procedures?

Which one would be most effective and/or cost worthy for thighs? Looking to tighten skin and get rid of fat and cellulite . READ MORE

Lumicell Wave VS Velashape VS Zerona?

Differences, which is better, compare? Any cause liver damage? READ MORE

VelaShape III, Zerona and CoolSculpt - A very confusing market! Which treatment gives best results?

I understand that Zerona is full body, VelaShape III is for targeted areas, CoolSculpt is for targeted areas and the only treatment to actually kill... READ MORE

Fat transfer or Velashape needed for this dent, and fat at the bottom? (photo)

4 months ago I got liposuction in my abdomen but had a few complications with umbilical fibrosis, now the problem is solved wit a fat transfer but I... READ MORE

Is Velashape 8 better than Velashape 111?

I have been offered a Velashape 8 for cellulite, which they say is the newest treatment. The machine is called Vela 8. Is it better than Velashape III? READ MORE

Velashape 3 or other skin tightening laser for skin tightening on the abdomen after too much fat loss with Sculpsure? (Photos)

Had Sculpsure to the abs on 4/4 and 5/23.I am very fit.Was told I was the ideal candidate for Sculpsure.Now 19 wks post first tx and too much fat is... READ MORE

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