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Can the Fat & Pooch Return After Tummy Tuck?

I have also heard that sometimes after lipo, you might start putting on the weight in other areas. READ MORE

I Don't Have The Flat Stomach I Expected After Tummy Tuck

I had a full TT 5 months ago I was 5'4 and weighed 123lbs. I workout and have a low-cal diet, I never had a fat stomach just separation of muscles... READ MORE

Flabby and Fat Abdomen After Tummy Tuck

I had a full Tummy Tuck almost 3 months ago. I am in excellent health, don't smoke, never had children. When sitting, my belly rests on my thighs.... READ MORE

Lower Abdomen Pooch After Tummy Tuck

After my Tummy Tuck 9 months ago, I still have a pooch in my lower tummy. I can suck it in, but it is still noticable. I know there is no muscle... READ MORE

Possible to Fix Baggy Stomach Skin Without Muscle Repair?

I have abdominal separation and umibilical hernia, but I am more concerned about baggy skin on my stomach. I want it removed without getting my... READ MORE

Hard Area After Tummy Tuck?

I had a tummy tuck in October of 2009~Now, I have a hardened area 4" long X 1&1/2"wide~~Why is this, & as a result, is it my... READ MORE

Lipoabdominoplasty: Suitability & Costs

Hello, I am a 39 year old woman. I have never been pregnant, but I have quite the pouch and some fat rolls. The muscles under my abdominal fat seem to... READ MORE

Huge Upper Belly After Tummy Tuck?

I had 2 C-sections. I weighed 220lbs on day of surgery, height 5’2” after loosing 70lbs with a gastricband. I had a huge apron. I got a... READ MORE

I Have Rectus Diastasis Along with a Ventral and Umbililical Hernia. Do I Need a TT Too? (photo)

I Have Rectus Diastasis Along with a Ventral and Umbililical Hernia.  I Am Really Struggling with the Decision to Have a Tummy tuck along with... READ MORE

Abdominal Hernia Repair and Removing Excess Skin?

I was just told that I have a hernia as a result of my full-term twin pregnancy. I am very fit but have a bulge above my belly button (not at... READ MORE

Will I Ever Get Rid of the Pooch with Exercise or is a Tummy Tuck Necessary?

I have some stretch marks that aren't terribly noticeable from the front view. But when I lean over I have some wrinkly skin from them. And from... READ MORE

Poor Abdominal Fascia

I had an umbilical hernia repair following 4 pregnancies. The surgeon found that I have very thin fascia, and he put in a large piece of mesh that... READ MORE

What Can I Do, So My Tummy Tuck Pouch Can Go Away Sooner? (photo)

Got a Full Tummy Tuck 5 weeks ago, and this pouch just seems to be getting bigger. My Doctor just removed the Drainage on Thursday; don't know it... READ MORE

Full TT 6 Months Ago And Still Have A Pooch. Is This My Final Result?

There is still a pot belly below the Belly Button and I have to wear spanx and while I am very fond of my PS, I feel that I should have been flat... READ MORE

Oblique Repair for Abdominal Bulge After Diastasis Repair?

Will oblique repair be beneficial for someone who has had rectus muscle diastasis repaired, but still has a protruberant abdomen? I would really... READ MORE

14 Days Post Op for a Tummy Tuck but I Still Have a Big Pooch on Lower Tummy. Will This Go Away?

14 days post op, I have a bigger lower tummy pooch than on day 3 post op. It is actually the same size as I had before, just much harder. I want to... READ MORE

Recommended Procedure to Improve Belly?

Should I get Tummy Tuck, Smart Lipo or Mini Tummy Tuck? I am 20 years old with 2 kids and I want to know what would be best to improve my belly. READ MORE

My Lower Abdomen is Pouching out More After my Tummy Tuck, Is this Normal? (photo)

On day 4 po my lower abdomin was flat. Now Its day 12 po and its pouching out and very noticable. The first drain was taken out on day 4 and the... READ MORE

2weeks Post-Op After a Tummy Tuck - Is This Pooch Normal?

I am concerned that my stomach will not get any flatter. I have a pooch on the lower part of my belly after a full tummy tuck with lipo on flanks and... READ MORE

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