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Exparel or Pain Pump? Does Anyone Feel There is a Difference?

I have an option tomorrow for either the onQ pain pump or the Exparel injections. Im having a Full TT w/ MR and lipo of the flaks and mons. READ MORE

Why are doctors not willing to use Exparal Pain Relief?

I am very concerned about the pain factor of a TT. I stumbled upon doctors who say that the newest thing out there is Exparal which they inject before... READ MORE

Why not use Exparel for Tummy Tuck procedure?

I'm interested in getting an abdominoplasty, but the two (very reputable) surgeons I've found in Beverly Hills don't offer Exparel or a pain pump... READ MORE

Is Exparel Really Effective for 72 Hours or is It Just Snake Oil?

I'm curious if Exparel is really as good as the manufacturer claims. Has anyone had extensive experience using this drug? Has your opinion changed for... READ MORE

Exparel - Realistically works for how long?

For those surgeons that Exparel as part of a full abdominoplasty, realistically how many days does it provide relief for most of your patients? I know... READ MORE

Marcaine vs. exparel? Is one better than the other?

I've been on a few consultations for tummy tuck, some doctors use long acting marcaine, others use exparel. Does one help the pain more than the... READ MORE

Abdominoplasty pain management?

Can all board certified plastic surgeons use exparel or is there certain training that they need to have gone through in order to use it. I'm... READ MORE

How effective is Exparel?

I am contemplating having a tummy tuck and the doctor I was considering has never used exparel. I will be his first patient. Does exparel work alone... READ MORE

Exparel for Tummy Tucks. Why is it that some doctors don't offer it or use it?

Its clear that Exparel has made recovery from Tummy Tuck much more bearable. Why is it that some doctors don't offer it or use it? Is this something... READ MORE

Abdominoplasty & lipo w/o general anesthesia and Exparel use at end of procedure?

If one has an Abdominoplasty with lipo under epidural and IV sedation, can Exparel be administered at the end of surgery? I was wondering about the... READ MORE

Is Exparel really working for 72 hours?

I have several tummy tuck consultation, some doctor recommended this medicine, some said it is false advertising, only work 24 hours, even FDA had the... READ MORE

Exparel cost versus reward?

I have read a lot about exparil and love the promise of less pain and possible quicker heal time. I have had consultations where the cost has been... READ MORE

Have you used the drug Exparel during a tummy tuck with muscle tightening procedure and what have been your results?

I will be having a tummy tuck with muscle tightening in March, 2017. My plastic surgeon has recommended Exparel to aid in pain relief and healing. The... READ MORE

Exparel. Worth it?

I'm getting a TT and was offered Exparel. It sounds like it would help, but is it worth it? Any experiences anyone can share? READ MORE

Is international travel safe at 8wks post op? Does Exparel+drainless TT have an easier recovery? (photo)

50yo scheduled for a tt w/MR and i/o thigh lipo, drainless w Exparel. i am 4'11", 116lbs. quoted by the PS..."you look 20 years younger than you are"... READ MORE

Are oral pain meds necessary if I got Exparel at Tummy Tuck? Will fiber supplement work for constipation instead of Laxatives?

I heard that you have to take Norco pain medicine and some muscle relaxer medicine after Tummy tuck surgery. But if I had Exparel, are these medicines... READ MORE

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