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Is Thermage Safe?

Is Thermage safe? Is it a non-ionizing treatment, and if not, then isn't that harmful radiation? Also, is it safe to undergo Thermage every 6 months... READ MORE

Anticipating Thermage Side Effects

I had the Thermage done and I had very little improvement after 2 days, I know I have to wait for 6 months. I had no swelling or any other problem; I... READ MORE

Does Thermage Cause Facial Fat Loss?

I've read that Thermage causes facial fat to dissolve after treatment, such that there are patients who blogged online that they regret having had... READ MORE

Bad Thermage Results?

Does bad Thermage results start right from day 1, even if you had no bad reactions after having it done? READ MORE

Will Aspirin Affect Thermage Results?

I had Thermage eyes yesterday morning. By afternoon I developed corneal abrasion from eye shields. Blurry vision, intense pain. I took 6 aspirin in a... READ MORE

Is There Anyway to Anticipate Potential Fat Loss or Side Effects from Thermage?

I had a Thermage treatment last month I haven't noticed a change. However, I am now concerned about potential facial fat loss. When I had the... READ MORE

What Happens After the Effects of Thermage Dissappear?

I heard a person say that after 2 years her face got even saggier than before treatment. I already scheduled my appointment! can somebody please tell... READ MORE

Is There Harm in Having Thermage Every 9 Months?

In your opinion, do you think that there is harm in having Thermage every 9 months? It works so well for me, but I wonder about the long term effects... READ MORE

Thermage ; Can the Radiofrequency Waves Cause Formation of Tumors?

Thermage ; Can the Radiofrequency Waves Cause Formation of Tumors? READ MORE

5 mths post Thermage to face, I have side effects that include, swelling,creeping sensation in eyes and gaunt, wrinkly skin.

I had thermage procedure on whole face 12/20/13. I was told not bad side effects at all??? Since then, eye swelling, then fat in a mjor way - pins and... READ MORE

Can Using Thermage Speed Up the Aging Process?

Can thermage, while tightening skin in the short term, reduce the skin's long-term viability and lead to faster aging? In other words, how much is... READ MORE

Thermage CPT intensity?

I had it done this afternoon on my face by a nurse at a reputable dermatologist clinic. I saw immediate result, does that mean I won't see more... READ MORE

Does Thermage have any side effects & what are the benefits of it? It is preferred to do tummy tuck? What are the benefits?

I'm 21 years old and i wanna get in shape my tights, my tummy, my back and i wanna reshape my arms i have a lot of fats and i wanna really get rid of... READ MORE

Are Thermage and Exilis the Same? Do They Create Deformities?

Are Thermage and Exilis the Same? and Do They Create Deformities? READ MORE

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